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About Techfield
About Techfield

Who we are & Why we do, what we do.

Innovation is the lifeblood of progress, but in underserved ecosystems like Africa and emerging markets, it often faces daunting challenges. Founders in these regions frequently lack access to fundamental tools, essential support, vital resources, and crucial funding opportunities. These obstacles not only hinder innovation but also contribute significantly to the high rate of startup failures in emerging markets.

Consider this: Only a mere 7% of the global venture capital pie is accessible to African innovators and founders. Moreover, a significant portion of this funding predominantly flows into the big four ecosystems—Nigeria, Kenya, Egypt, and South Africa. This deepens the existing disparities within the ecosystem, leaving countless talented founders vastly underrepresented and their innovations unrealized.

Enter Techfield — a guiding light through this intricate landscape. We've meticulously crafted Techfield as a navigational tool, a beacon of hope, and a catalyst for change. Our mission is clear: to bridge the gaping chasm in the ecosystem. We want founders to be able to concentrate on what they do best—innovating industries—while we pave the way for them, opening doors to invaluable venture opportunities.

Our ultimate goal? To democratize access. We're on a mission to make venture support, resources, and funding opportunities accessible to all, regardless of their geographic location. We seek to connect visionary innovators with eager investors and supercharge the growth of the startup ecosystem in Africa.

Our journey takes us across the globe, scouring every corner for venture-building opportunities—from the bustling tech hubs of Silicon Valley in the U.S. to the innovation hotspots of London in the U.K., the dynamic landscapes of the United Arab Emirates, the thriving ecosystems of Singapore, the tech-savvy culture of Germany, and beyond. We're bringing it all to one unified platform—Techfield, where innovation knows no boundaries.

Why we do, what we do.

Unlocking and connecting African startups with global opportunities


Startups Empowered


Seed Capital Raised.

Round-the-clock Support

We have real people who help you through your problems 24/7, whether they’re helping you take the first step or the next step.


Friendly Community

A rich community to connect with other bright folks who are making their own way. Exchange ideas, share experiences, move forward.


Help & Advice

We cover it all. From how-to videos to expertly-authored blog posts, we've got tons of inspiration and solid advice waiting for you.

Democratizing access to global venture-building opportunities to founders in Africa.

We pay more attention to impact-driven Founders, solving some of the world's biggest challenges and addressing at least 5 of UN's sustainable goals.

To all early stage startup founders, Techfield is your catalyst for innovation and growth, get access to tools, support, and opportunities to ignite innovation and fuel your entrepreneurial journey. Let's build together. Welcome to Techfield.

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