Product: Nomadic

Empowering Your Global Journey

Open doors to international markets, gain credibility, and access limitless support. Our 360° market expansion services make global growth effortless.

Empowering Your Global Journey.

Discover how we accelerate global trade and market expansion for African businesses.

Unlock Global Markets with Nomadic

Expand your business footprint to over 40 leading global economies, including the US, UK, EU, UAE, Hong Kong, Canada, Singapore, and more. Whether you aim to incorporate in Delaware, launch in the UK, or expand across continents, Techfield's Nomadic program has you covered.

Accelerating Global Trade for African Businesses

We empower African businesses to access international markets, gain credibility, and tap into limitless venture support and resources. Our 360° market expansion services are designed to fuel your global growth.

Your Gateway to International Markets

Techfield has forged strategic partnerships with accredited government agencies, trade unions, and tech hubs. Our mission is to open doors to the global market, enhance your credibility, connect you with potential partners, and position you as a standout player in a competitive landscape.

An Operating System for Global Expansion

Think of us as the operating system for your global business expansion and operations.

What You'll Gain

  • Incorporation Documents
  • Global Corporate Account (US, UK, EU)
  • 1-Year Registered Office Address
  • $300k in Perks and Rewards from Global Startups
  • Visibility to VCs and Investors on Our Platform
  • Payment Processing Support
  • 1-Year Director Service Address
  • Printed Share Certificate
Why we do, what we do.

Seamless Global Expansion Made Simple

Your journey to international markets starts with a single click. We cover over 40 countries, offer expert guidance, and handle the entire process—so you can focus on growing your business.

Launch Your Global Venture Today
Get Started

Click "Get Started" and select your target country (we cover the US, UK, EU, UAE, Canada, and 40+ others countries) for business launch.

Expert Assistance

Reach out to our team of experts for guidance and questions. Relax as we handle company incorporation, address setup, and more.

Review and Pay

Review detailed quotes based on your chosen country and business needs. Complete the payment securely on our platform.

Go Global

Receive your company certificate and official documents. Leverage your global presence to connect with partners, investors, and customers.

Note: timelines vary by country, typically taking 2-30 business days.

Unlock Global Opportunities

Expand your horizons and tap into a world of global opportunities.

Get Started

Expand your horizons and tap into a world of global opportunities.

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