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Unlock the power of our extensive investor network and expert guidance. Raise capital efficiently and focus on what you do best—innovating.

Unlock Funding Opportunities with Techfield Raise

At Techfield, we empower forward-thinking startups across Africa and emerging markets through our assisted fundraising service. Our mission is to simplify the fundraising journey, so you can concentrate on building innovative solutions.

Tap into the largest database of investors in the dealroom, designed to connect African founders and innovators with the capital they need to build, launch, and scale their startups.

Partner with us to craft effective fundraising strategies, create a roadmap, refine your pitch deck, optimize your data, and gain visibility among thousands of investors in our network actively seeking innovative solutions in Africa.

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What You'll Gain

Access a database of 215,000 investors

You gain access to a vast pool of 215,000 investors, including 10,000 venture capital firms, 6,000+ family and multi-family offices, 1,000+ angel investment networks and syndicates, 4,000+ private equity firms, 500+ corporate venture capital firms, and 400 equity crowdfunding platforms for startups. Each entry provides essential details like phone numbers, email addresses, total investment capacity, location, preferred sectors, and key partners.

Exclusive VC Introductions

Experience the power of exclusive VC introductions with warm email connections to over 300+ top-tier venture capitalists directly through our extensive network of scouts and partners. These introductions have proven to be 10 times more effective than cold outreach.

Techfield What youll gain

Our Comprehensive Fundraising Support

Discover the full spectrum of services that Techfield offers to supercharge your fundraising journey.

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Customized Fundraising Plans

Tailored strategies designed to meet your specific fundraising goals.

Platform Access

Full access to our fundraising platform for efficient management.

Pitch Deck Review

Expert analysis and optimization of your pitch deck.

Storytelling Expertise

Crafting compelling narratives to engage investors.

Blurb Copywriting

Captivating blurbs that make your startup stand out.

In-Network Investor Outreach

Connecting you with investors within our vast network.

Intelligent Investor Targeting

Precise targeting to reach the right investors.

Dedicated Fundraising Consultant

Personal guidance from a fundraising expert.

Strategy Sessions

Collaborative sessions to refine your fundraising approach.

Unlimited Warm Intros

Access to a wealth of warm introductions to investors.

Pitch Deck Creation

Crafting visually appealing and informative pitch decks.

Pitch Simulation Exercises

Preparation for investor presentations.

Out-of-Network Outreach

Expanding your reach beyond our network.

Techfield Raise is your gateway to securing the funding you need to propel your startup to new heights.

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Expand your horizons and tap into a world of global opportunities.

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