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Empowering African Businesses in the UK Market

Elevate your business as Techfield brings you the ScaleUp UK Programme, an exclusive opportunity to unlock new horizons and seamlessly expand into the thriving UK market.

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Unlock Success: Scale-Up UK Program

Step into a world of boundless opportunities with Scale-Up UK, a strategic collaboration between Techfield and Great Trade and Investment. Our exclusive 6-week program is your gateway to empowering African startups, SMEs, and corporations to expand operations and establish a robust presence in the dynamic London and UK market. Through an accelerated growth approach and a flexible market entry framework, our program is crafted to pave the way for your business success in the thriving UK landscape.

Join us in this transformative journey, where every step is carefully designed to provide your company with the tools and insights needed for a seamless and impactful expansion into the flourishing UK market.

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Why Choose the UK?

Discover the United Kingdom's unparalleled advantages for your business.

Key Statistics:

  • Population of 67 million
  • A GDP of $3.2 trillion
  • The fifth-largest global economy
  • Home to the second-largest startup ecosystem
  • UK startups raised a staggering £28.3 billion in 2022
  • A $27 billion trading volume with Africa
  • An $18 billion import-export trading volume with Africa
  • 547 active venture capital and private equity funds
  • Business-friendly enterprise zones
  • A gateway to Europe
  • UK offers the Global Innovator Visa for startup founders
  • A leader in digital innovation
  • London is the first choice for global headquarters
  • A business-friendly environment with low-cost legal structures
  • Entrepreneur visas and capital gains tax relief make London one of the easiest cities in Europe to do business
  • The UK is one of the world's financial and investment centers

Our Focus Industries

Embark on a journey of growth as we zero in on key industries, propelling innovation and triumph in the vibrant UK market.

Tech Startups
  • London, the heart of the UK's tech ecosystem, surpassed $1 trillion in tech company value in 2022, rivaling only the U.S. and China.
  • With $19.8 billion in VC funding in 2022, London leads as the fourth-largest globally and double that of any other European city.
  • The UK encourages startups with the Innovator Founder Visa, supporting industries like finance, healthcare, AI, and more.

We warmly welcome startups up to Series A, driving innovation in: Financial Services, Healthcare, Entertainment, EdTech, E-commerce, AI, Logistics, AgriTech, SaaS, Mobility, Climate Tech

SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises)
  • With 5.5 million small businesses, the UK provides abundant trading opportunities.
  • SMEs constitute 99.2% of the UK's business population and contribute significantly to employment.
  • The UK offers a range of favorable business funding opportunities for SMEs.
Import-Export Companies:
  • The UK and Africa share a robust $18 billion import-export trading volume.
  • Initiatives like UKEF and AgDevCo support projects in African markets.
  • UK Export Finance facilitates trade in up to 12 African currencies.
  • The Global Alliance Africa project promotes market access and investment opportunities between the UK, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa.

Program Advantages

Embark on a seamless journey into the thriving UK market with our comprehensive program. We're here to accelerate your expansion, providing expert guidance, dedicated partners, and powerful tools.

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Immediate Access to the UK Market

Tap into the vast potential of the UK market for immediate growth and success.

Effortless UK Business Setup

Navigate UK business complexities with ease, including official incorporation document assistance.

Global Business Banking

Secure a dedicated global business bank account for smooth international transactions.

One-Year Registered Office Address

Establish credibility with a registered office address for a year.

Smooth Integration into UK Banking and Payment Systems

Seamlessly integrate into UK banking and payment systems for efficient financial operations.

Business Partner Connections

Leverage our network to connect with potential business partners in the UK.

Expert Advisory Service

Receive tailored guidance and expert insights to enhance decision-making.

Targeted Investment Opportunities

Identify and pursue investment opportunities tailored to your expansion plans.

Access to a Robust Investor Database

Gain entry to our extensive database of over 2,000 European and UK investors for valuable financial support.

Personalized Support

Beyond these benefits, receive tailored support to address your unique needs during your UK market expansion journey.

Join the Scale-Up UK Program

Embark on a successful UK market entry with our program designed for your growth and prosperity.

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Expand your horizons and tap into a world of global opportunities.

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Expand your horizons and tap into a world of global opportunities.

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